How to detect the virus in Computer

A computer virus can be very harmful to your computer. It can make your new computer so slow as if it is too old, but how to recognize that your computer has a virus or not? Let's know -

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How to detect the virus in Computer

As a person has a disease, his symptoms start appearing differently, so the symptoms of computer virus also appear differently, in order to check it, you have to buy some things -

➤ If your browser's default search engine changes suddenly
You are seeing a lot of toolbars in your browser that you did not install.

➤ You see many unnecessary advertising popups during surfing.

➤ Your webpage is loading unnecessarily.

➤ The speed of your computer has slowed down.

➤ There are some programs that you have not installed.

How to remove virus in Computer

➤ Emails with no temptation and ads should not be opened in the computer

➤ The email id that you do not know should not open the email ID.

➤ The use of fake and pirated CDs and DVDs should not be used on the computer.

➤ If the pen drive of another computer is installed on your computer, it should be scanned by the antivirus.