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Multiple emails can be sent to Gmail as attachments

If it is said, adding one or more e-mails to one e-mail as an attachment to Gmail, it may seem quite a shock. This is because e-mails can usually cover different types of files or documents, not the entire e-mail. But it is now possible in Gmail.

To forward an e-mail to an inbox is usually a 'forward'. However, this should be done separately for each e-mail message. With the new Gmail feature, you can send one or more e-mails or even an entire 'conversion' to a new e-mail. In a blog post, Google reported the matter.

To do this, you need to start a new email first. Then select one or more e-mails and drag it directly to the new e-mail. E-mails added in this manner will be added as 'dot eml' file formats. The recipient will see this as a full email. The facility will be launching Gmail in various countries around the world from December 9.
Tectuner is a Technology Releated website. Tectuner is a about the science,technology.Blogger template, Android, computer, Online Earning, tips tricks
There are 11 misconceptions about hacking that we need to know.

1. Although the word hacking is associated with "unauthorized access", its true meaning is not bad at all. The hack is just computer-related but we can use the word on almost anything in the world. Such as food hacks, dress hacks, lifestyle hacks. Hacking means removing a weak part of a topic or improving it to better understand a topic or make it easier. It can also be used to do so.

2. Hacking is a skill-based topic. You can never explore it unless you have a good knowledge of computers. Although many books or video lessons claim that they can be hackers by taking these lessons, that is a lot wrong. To understand how all these techniques work, you need to know what is and what is in it.

3. Hacking words sounds very bad. It seems these criminals do. But this is wrong. Hacking is the subject of a computer that can be researched as it is read. In large companies, there are a lot of hackers. They help keep the company system active and protect it from other hackers.

4. Hacker doesn't mean anything bad. Hackers are basically divided into two. A black hat is known as Criminal Hacker. They do all kinds of harmful and nasty things. Another White Hat hacker. They are known as Ethical Hackers. Different companies put themselves in charge of their system security. No one else can harm their system.

5. There is no software in the world that can hack a social account direct. Many of your software on the Internet that claims that you can access the account without giving some useful information. It is absolutely wrong. This software contains malware. When you install this software. Then that malware will infiltrate into your PC without your knowledge. This means that if you hack someone's account, your account can be hacked. So stay away from all these.

6. Hollywood movie hacker. Many people who have seen Hollywood hacking movies think hacking is really that way. It's totally wrong. Hacking is a time-consuming and skill dependent job. So the process of showing a movie is wrong in many respects and which is incompatible with reality. They are done with 3D graphics and visual effects. It cannot be done so quickly and easily.

7. Can't access Facebook or other social account or blocked account for any reason. Many people think their account has been hacked. They also post that their account has been hacked. But what exactly is it? Most often it is seen that strangers are blocked by posting a friend request or some obscene account for a few days. It may be difficult to access the account even if it is not opened. There is nothing to say that the account has been hacked.

8. To learn computer hacks, you need to first become proficient in computer matters. I need to know how computers work, ideas about networking, programming languages ​​and web development.

9. A hacker is used in the field of computing for anyone who is very skilled at the computer and who can exploit system or machine vulnerability to develop access or system security.

10. Hacked is not an illegal act. Those who are called Ethical Hackers for developing system security or protecting the system from other hackers. But if you hack into something unintentional or harmful, it's called a non-ethical hacker.

11. "Hacking can never be learned through mobile. Remember that you need a computer to work"

Tectuner is a Technology Releated website. Tectuner is a about the science,technology.Blogger template, Android, computer, Online Earning, tips tricks
That is how WhatsApp is hacked

People in the cyber world use specialized software to monitor WhatsApp. One such software is called Pegasus. WhatsApp can be monitored using software developed by the NSO group in Israel. Over two dozen academics, lawyers, journalists, and politicians have been monitored using Pegasus software in the last Lok Sabha elections in India. WhatsApp authorities have confirmed the matter.

According to some Indian media, Israeli software was used to monitor WhatsApp information before the last election. NSO Group has developed Pegasus software for cyber espionage or surveillance. However, it is not known exactly how many people are being monitored with this software. WhatsApp notifies users of surveillance on their device.

WhatsApp was contacted by the Times of India but did not give any formal statement on the issue.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp sued the Israeli company in the United States. WhatsApp surveillance information was reported the next day. In the lawsuit, WhatsApp alleges that the Israeli company monitored 7,000 people around the world using Pegasus spyware.

The lawsuit alleges that Facebook seized information about smartphones operating on iOS, Android and Blackberry operating systems with Pegasus software. WhatsApp VoIP stack error code can be deployed remotely on the device.

Pegasus is software developed by NSO Group in Israel

According to a BBC Online report, Fustin Rukundu, who was recently deported to Leeds, England from Rwanda, complained about his WhatsApp hacked. He said he got a call from WhatsApp from a stranger. When he grabs the call, it is left without anyone to speak. Unbeknownst to him, his phone gets hacked and he removes the files. Missed calls started coming from strangers on her phone. He bought a new phone for fear of family safety. A few days later, there were calls from strangers.

Fostin alleges that many other anti-Rwandan governments have received calls from strangers

He got to know. Last May, he learned that WhatsApp had been hacked.

In May this year, WhatsApp admitted to having errors. In August, WhatsApp errors also came up. At that time, the BBC said, what you said or did not write on WhatsApp could show. If wanted, the rogue can change the WhatsApp message using special programs. The WhatsApp platform has recently opened a tool for changing user messages. Experts say that Facebook-owned WhatsApp has a fatal flaw that can be used to change a user's words or words.

Researchers at Checkpoint, a cybersecurity firm, claim that they learned about WhatsApp errors as well as tools or programs for replacing messages sent to WhatsApp. WhatsApp error can be used to spread fake news or cheat.

How does Pegasus come to WhatsApp?

 Experts say that Pegasus can be downloaded even with a little video missed call on WhatsApp. Pegasus installed after the video call can take full control of the entire smartphone, including its contact list. Everything happens without the user being aware of it. From this messaging app, cyber experts can find out information including video calls, messages, and messages.

NSO Group claims that they sell their software only to various government agencies. However, the software is not created or endorsed to monitor human rights activists or journalists.

Tectuner is a Technology Releated website. Tectuner is a about the science,technology.Blogger template, Android, computer, Online Earning, tips tricks
HP Dives Deeply into Consumer Privacy with the Spectre x360 13

HP recently put out a press release to announce the launch of their Spectre 13 device for the year 2019, and that did bring some excitement to the market.

To be honest, this is an expected move from the company since they are known to launch refreshers of already existent units. What they did to spice it up for everyone who could be aiming to get this unit, though, is beef up the security profile of the device itself.

Why HP is focused on user privacy and security

The stats on cybersecurity are there, and we don’t like what we are seeing. Hackers have started to gain the upper hand on users for a while now, and they are going very strong. If we didn’t know any better, we would say there was simply no way to stop the riot run that these people are on.

When hackers are not at the other end of things, companies and even the government have been caught in the act too. This pits the average consumer who does not even know their data is being siphoned against the world, so to speak.

Given, not everyone is tech-savvy. While Microsoft will try its best and patch vulnerabilities in the system, the software alone cannot account for all the protection that the average user needs today. 

HP sees all of that, and they came up with one of the best solutions they have developed in a while – the laptop that cares.

What makes the HP Spectre x360 13 special?

So, how does the HP Spectre x360 13 address common issues at all? Some of the things we personally love are:

1. LastPass Integration

Password habits are something users need to focus a lot on these days. 

It is shocking to see that there are more and more poor passwords being created on a daily basis, even though the awareness seems to be going strong against such. The introduction of biometrics is not doing the market a lot of good either. After all, over-reliance on these forms of account access is making users create lax passwords instead.

All that, and we have not talked about the dangers of using the same password for multiple accounts.

LastPass addresses all of these issues in one fell swoop. Starting with the in-built password generator, users can now create very strong passwords for their accounts. While that is great, LastPass also understands that users won’t be able to remember one, let alone multiple, of these passwords. 

Thus, it brings a state-of-the-art password management feature on board too.

On top of that, the service provides a simple way to login to all of your accounts from right within the app. That is perhaps not as impressive as the unique model of credit card and payment method protection which this software enables users.

2. ExpressVPN Installation

On the HP Spectre x360 13, HP teamed up with ExpressVPN to bring its users the first and foremost consumer-grade VPN solution in the market. 

For those who are familiar with VPNs from before, they will know this is an app that allows the changing of the virtual location at will. What you might not know is that it does a lot for your privacy and security too.

On the one hand, connecting to public Wi-Fi networks have been shown to be one of the most dangerous acts a user can involve themselves in. Yet, many people do so with reckless abandon. 

Layering such connections over a VPN, you eliminate the threats of man-in-the-middle attacks, get the upper hand over data snooping and monitoring, and much more.

3. Webcam Kill Switch

You have probably heard about the possibility of having your webcam hacked to spy on you.

This is not just a conspiracy theory. In fact, many internet users claim to have found videos and images of themselves on the deep web – and they never made such footages or took the images.

This is so big an issue, even Edward Snowden – a former NSA contractor turned whistle-blower – admits that the government can spy on you with your own webcam.

Well, HP brought the physical kill switch on for that purpose. 

Once engaged, the webcam is impossible to access, even by the user of the laptop. Toggling off the kill switch will be required to get it working again.


Again, the announcement and launch of this laptop are not as impressive as the security features which HP packs onto it. Besides the cutting-edge specs that ship with this flagship, they still find a place for consumer privacy and security. More than anything, that makes this laptop worth considering for us.
Hello, Wishlist; meet the HP Spectre x360 13!

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A short guide to solving the most common computer problems on your own, whether you are working on a computer at home or in the office, troubleshooting PC problems has become a part of everyday life. Even if you think your system is stable and secure, a PC can have thousands of problems, such as hardware failure, various error messages, malicious software, or sometimes just one cable is loose.

What will you do at such a time? Would you call an expert? But wait! Before you call a PC expert and pay for tech support, read this post.

Here I have collected some common PC problems, which have been seen by many computer users. I have tried my best to give their solutions so that you can solve the problems and save your money and time.

1) Slow Computer:


This is the most common problem for all users. You will remember the time when you bought your PC when it was giving its best performance. But over time, the PC speed may decrease. And it seems to take longer to boot, to open files or folders, to spend more time surfing the internet, to delay the user's response to the action, and some other tasks. However, there are some things that you can do to increase the speed of the computer.

By following some simple tips, you can increase the speed of the PC and improve its performance.

Go to my previous post "Quick fix tips that can speed up your computer" and follow some simple tips to increase the speed and performance of your PC.

2) The computer improved turn on:

Many times you press the power button and nothing happens and it is really like a nightmare for any user. There can be two situations at this time -

a) The computer shows no light:

If your computer is not turning on and there is no light on the front of the computer cabinet, as well as the fan is not running, then surely one of the cord is loose or the PC's power supply is dead Are

Step 1: First make sure all plugs are firmly in their sockets.

Step 2: Check the power cord for a break or damage. If there are damages, replace them.

Step 3: If both are fine, then the problem may be in the power supply. Check the PC's power supply (SMPS).

b) Computer Starts but Monitor Remains Blank:

In the second case, the computer starts and the light and fan are turned on, but the screen is blank and the PC does not even exist.

To troubleshoot this problem, try the following -


Step 1: Listen to the PC's beep sound, if the PC is continuously giving beep sound, then the RAM inside the PC may be lost. Remove the RAM and press and fit it into the motherboard again. If the RAM is OK, check the video or graphic card.

Step 2: Troubleshoot the blank monitor if the above steps do not solve the problems. Connect another monitor to the computer, so that the device is in the system, it will be understood.

Step 3: Check the video cable and video connectors. If the video cable breaks, replace it. Check whether the pin of the video connectors is straight or crooked, if it is crooked, straighten it.

Step 4: Reset or update the BIOS.

3) The Blue Screen of Death:


Usually, Blue Screen of Death (or BSOD) is a blue screen error message that displays after a system crash. This is the worst error type of the computer and when it comes the error message can be very frustrating. This error occurs in everyone from Windows 3.0 and 3.1 to the latest version. The blue screen error message is called death because your computer almost freezes and a few times the system starts in normal mode after a reboot.

There are many possible reasons for the Blue Screen of Death on your computer. Here are some steps you can try.

Step 1: Blue screen error message usually occurs during Windows update. If this message arrives at the time of Windows update, go to the previous version.

Step 2: Many times viruses can corrupt Windows files so that the window shows this error message. Scan for viruses and malware.

Step 4: If this error occurs while using the PC, then the PC's hardware such as RAM can be defective. Sometimes new hardware connected to PC can also be the reason. If you have recently connected a lot of new hardware to the PC, try it by turning on the PC.

Step 5: Updating Windows or all Device Drivers multiple times causes the error of a blue screen.

For more information on how to update device drivers, see the previous post "Now you can easily update your system drivers with one click".

Step 6: If any software or hardware changes or modifications have been done in the PC or any new software or hardware is installed after which the error of the blue screen is coming, then remove them.

Step 7: If your PC has a recent blue screen error, restart the computer and press 'F8' for the advanced options menu. Then select the last known good configuration. If this does not work, do System Restore

4) Computer hangs or freezes:

It is also a common problem with the PC. Many times this is due to insufficient PC RAM. So first of all check that your PC has enough RAM.

When you are not giving any response, follow the steps of Nichanas -

Method 1: At Startup

The most common reasons for hanging on PC startup are:

If an external device is connected to the PC, disconnect it and start the PC.

Updating your PC's firmware and device drivers should be your first action. Many times this update resolves the problem of PC hang.

If you have recently changed PC, after which PC hangs, use System Restore to solve this problem.

Method 2: Random Hang

If your PC is hanging randomly, it could be due to damaged system files, software compatibility, or damage registry. You can repair system files using the System Update Readiness Tool, the Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) tool, or System File Checker (SFC).

If you have recently installed some software or driver and after this, the PC hangs, then remove this software or driver. In addition, you can bring PCs to the working state using System Restore.

If the registry is damaged then restore or refresh the system to restore Windows.

Method 3: Due to Hardware Issues

If Chkdsk is running while starting Windows, then it can be a sign of hard disk failure. Let Windows check the disk so that it can repair file system errors, but this can take a long time. To manually check the hard disk, run Chkdsk from the command prompt utility. If this does not solve the problem, then it is time to change the hard disk.

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