Computer security tips for students

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Personal Computer which contains all your personal information like - Photo, Video and other types of Files. Nowadays every user is using the Internet. In such a situation, Personal Computer is not safe in your homes. He is also eyeing hackers. They can steal your Personal Information by invading your computer at any time. Today, you can make your computer safer by adopting some tips.

Keep the computer safe in this way

➤ Always keep your computer's firewall on. It works like a wall between you and the hackers and protects your required code and passwords from being stolen.

➤ Have a good antivirus software, and definitely do it once a day or twice, if your antivirus software has the auto-update feature then you can turn it on. Also, continue to scan your computer at a time of two or two days.

➤ If you are doing internet banking or using any such site where your personal information is being used, then pay attention to these things, otherwise, you can become a victim of online fraud.

➤ Beware of email that generates huge prizes, such an email can never be opened, this virus can happen, otherwise, you can become a victim of internet phishing.

➤ Avoid emails that you do not know and how to prevent bulk email so you can stop such emails in the future