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Useful Computer Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Computers have become the need of today, whatever the intuition users are reading this post at the moment, they must be using the computer and using the computer as per their need. But due to the overwork and busyness of the work, we forget to maintain the computer. If you want to keep your computer and device safe for a long time, then you have to take care of some things, for this, it would be great if one day schedule is made in the month -

Hardware maintenance and safety

The main part of the hardware computer is the outer part, for this, it is also necessary to maintain

➤ Keyboard - As you know, the keyboards are used for typewriting, do not keep a glass of water or tea/coffee of any kind or any type of fluid while working, if by mistake it is also If the key falls on the keyboard, then it can be salty. Apart from this, the dust-dirt is bad and the board gets spoiled, the dust gets jammed due to the dust, so keep the brush clean from time to time.

➤ LED - Do not use water to clean the LED or monitor, for this, use the chemicals to clean the equipment, the water can be harmful to it.

➤ DVD Writer - Do not even copy or paste scratch CDs and DVDs in DVD Writer.

➤ CPU - Use blower for cleaning CPU, first shutting down the supply completely, after clearing the lid, clean the blower with air, this will remove all the CPU from the CPU, keep in mind that no strings or cables lose. Got engaged

➤ UPS - Often, some users attach laser printers directly to their UPS and when the light goes, the laser printer is loaded directly on the UPS, so that you can be UPS Kharab, so do not do this.

Printer maintenance and safety

The printer is an output device, but in reality, it is a pen of our imagination, with which ink you can print black or colored on white paper and that too in a few seconds, but did you get this huge amount Thinking about the maintenance of this printer.

Operating system maintenance and safety

The operating system acts as a bridge between users and hardware, due to this you can easily run your computer and do the desired work, at the time of Azad you know the popular operating system, in the name of Windows 7, Its safety and maintenance are also very important -

➤ First, use a good password, so that you cannot tamper with your computer.
So, put a password on your computer.

➤ If you want to get good performance, do not apply the non-essential Software, only use Software for work.

➤ If you use the Internet, put a good Anti-Virus on the laptop so that it can be safe from the Virus. If you do professional work, do not enter Free Anti-Virus, it does not work well.

➤ From time to time, keep updating Windows.

➤ Avoid shutting down the computer directly when you go light, shutdown or use hibernate to save time.
Tectuner is a Technology Releated website. Tectuner is a about the science,technology.Blogger template, Android, computer, Online Earning, tips tricks
Your face will be Gmail and Facebook's password

Today, there is everything on the Internet, whether shopping or banking or having to mail someone or chat with friends on Facebook, 

there are many such websites and many more passwords along with them. 

Creating a strong password requires that no person misuse your personal information. 

But making a good password and remembering it is also not easy, as the number of such sites is increasing and our Internet account is also going to be prepared to deal with this problem of the password in the future.

This technique is called face recognition technology, by which it is identified as your face recognition and its password is made,

Password is used in a biometric password so that no other person can hack it. 

You were still using the face as a password on your computer and on the mobile phone,

but now you will be able to use this technology soon for Facebook, Gmail or Internet banking. The Intel Security Group is working on the Turkey application and it will soon be between us. 
Tectuner is a Technology Releated website. Tectuner is a about the science,technology.Blogger template, Android, computer, Online Earning, tips tricks

If you think your password has been hacked or saved in a friend's browser and it can easily open your account, then to avoid this problem and keep all Google accounts even more secure You can use google 2 step verification, it is very easy and after putting it all your accounts become even more secure.
 Gmail 2 Step Verification

How to setup Gmail 2 step verification in English

There are a few easy steps for applying Google 2-step verification -

➤ Visit the Google 2-step verification page.
➤ Click Start Setup.
 Gmail 2 Step Verification,Verification,Gmail

➤ Add your mobile number here On which your security code will be sent.

➤ Now tick the form you want in the code, i.e. text message and voice call.

➤ Then click on Send Code.
 Gmail 2 Step Verification

➤ Once clicked, a 6 digit code will be sent to your mobile one-time password (OTP).

➤ Just fill that code and click on the Verify button.
 Gmail 2 Step Verification

➤ Now let's click Confirm.

 Gmail 2 Step Verification

After this, 2-step verification will be set on your account, after doing all this, if you want to turn off 2-step verification then click the Turn Off button.

After this, whenever you request any of your Google Account, the code will be sent to your mobile phone, only after entering the correct code will you be able to open the account. If you do not keep your mobile all the time, do not use it.
Tectuner is a Technology Releated website. Tectuner is a about the science,technology.Blogger template, Android, computer, Online Earning, tips tricks
Facebook hacking has become commonplace in the time of Azad, after hacking, hackers can make a mistake of your profile, you can not even imagine that you can fall in trouble by having a facebook book hack. Because of hackers, many people also avoid making accounting on social networking sites like Facebook, one thing is well understood. Hackers only take advantage of your inadvertence. If you are careful then the chunk of the hacking is very low if you follow some tips. Going to Facebook can be protected from hackers-

Save your Facebook account , Facebook account, Facebook ,Save your Facebook

➤ Hackers often reach out to you on the pretext of fascinating and engaging post on Facebook, in which most of the posts are photographed, please keep in mind that avoiding giving feedback on any unknown posts.

➤ If you see a message on the Facebook wall that you suspect, then click that message to report Abuse.

➤ Before using the Facebook application, check that the application is missing the information of your profile, making any application for hackers is very easy to get your personal information, so use only a simple application.

➤ If a person enters your personal information on Facebook, do not forget this information by forgetting it at any time.

➤ Avoid accepting anonymous Facebook Friend Requests.

➤ When you update your status on Facebook, in which you also upload photos, videos etc. be sure to see who can see it.

➤ If you are using Facebook on the cyber cafe, do not forget to log out 
Tectuner is a Technology Releated website. Tectuner is a about the science,technology.Blogger template, Android, computer, Online Earning, tips tricks
Computer security tips for students,security ,Computer security tips ,security tips

Personal Computer which contains all your personal information like - Photo, Video and other types of Files. Nowadays every user is using the Internet. In such a situation, Personal Computer is not safe in your homes. He is also eyeing hackers. They can steal your Personal Information by invading your computer at any time. Today, you can make your computer safer by adopting some tips.

Keep the computer safe in this way

➤ Always keep your computer's firewall on. It works like a wall between you and the hackers and protects your required code and passwords from being stolen.

➤ Have a good antivirus software, and definitely do it once a day or twice, if your antivirus software has the auto-update feature then you can turn it on. Also, continue to scan your computer at a time of two or two days.

➤ If you are doing internet banking or using any such site where your personal information is being used, then pay attention to these things, otherwise, you can become a victim of online fraud.

➤ Beware of email that generates huge prizes, such an email can never be opened, this virus can happen, otherwise, you can become a victim of internet phishing.

➤ Avoid emails that you do not know and how to prevent bulk email so you can stop such emails in the future
Tectuner is a Technology Releated website. Tectuner is a about the science,technology.Blogger template, Android, computer, Online Earning, tips tricks

A computer virus can be very harmful to your computer. It can make your new computer so slow as if it is too old, but how to recognize that your computer has a virus or not? Let's know -

detect the virus in Computer,Computer virus,virus

How to detect the virus in Computer

As a person has a disease, his symptoms start appearing differently, so the symptoms of computer virus also appear differently, in order to check it, you have to buy some things -

➤ If your browser's default search engine changes suddenly
You are seeing a lot of toolbars in your browser that you did not install.

➤ You see many unnecessary advertising popups during surfing.

➤ Your webpage is loading unnecessarily.

➤ The speed of your computer has slowed down.

➤ There are some programs that you have not installed.

How to remove virus in Computer

➤ Emails with no temptation and ads should not be opened in the computer

➤ The email id that you do not know should not open the email ID.

➤ The use of fake and pirated CDs and DVDs should not be used on the computer.

➤ If the pen drive of another computer is installed on your computer, it should be scanned by the antivirus.