Save your Facebook account in this way

Facebook hacking has become commonplace in the time of Azad, after hacking, hackers can make a mistake of your profile, you can not even imagine that you can fall in trouble by having a facebook book hack. Because of hackers, many people also avoid making accounting on social networking sites like Facebook, one thing is well understood. Hackers only take advantage of your inadvertence. If you are careful then the chunk of the hacking is very low if you follow some tips. Going to Facebook can be protected from hackers-

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➤ Hackers often reach out to you on the pretext of fascinating and engaging post on Facebook, in which most of the posts are photographed, please keep in mind that avoiding giving feedback on any unknown posts.

➤ If you see a message on the Facebook wall that you suspect, then click that message to report Abuse.

➤ Before using the Facebook application, check that the application is missing the information of your profile, making any application for hackers is very easy to get your personal information, so use only a simple application.

➤ If a person enters your personal information on Facebook, do not forget this information by forgetting it at any time.

➤ Avoid accepting anonymous Facebook Friend Requests.

➤ When you update your status on Facebook, in which you also upload photos, videos etc. be sure to see who can see it.

➤ If you are using Facebook on the cyber cafe, do not forget to log out