Save the Android phone storage! Learn tips

Save Android phone storage! Learn tips

The internal storage of the phone is always less than necessary. But following some methods, you can easily save a lot of Android storage. Let's know about those ways.

1. Cache and Data Clear

Go to the phone's App Manager. Go there and select the App. Then delete its data and cache. It eliminates the old app choice, but many live zombies together. However, remember that with the use of the app the cache will increase and the data size will increase with the update.

2. Install the app on the SD card

Why always put pressure on the OS of the smartphone? Send some apps to the micro SD card. The place will also live and the smartphone will work faster.

3. Old download delete

Many times we forget to delete many files after downloading them. As a result, those files sit in place. So one day go to the Downloads folder. Select old unnecessary files and press Delete. You see, the phone will be light!

4. Google Photos

Photos in Google Photos can be backed up by not increasing the general gallery storage. Through this, you can view photos as well as edit them as well. Extra pay gallery storage will be reduced.