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How To Turn On Gesture Navigation In Android Q?Turn On Gesture Navigation In Android Q

Google has launched the third beta for Android Q in its annual I/O 2019 event. The third developer preview has brought several new features in Android Q, such as Gesture Navigation among other important features such as system-wide Dark Theme, Live Caption, Focus Mode, etc.

Gesture navigation isn’t something entirely new for Android. It first arrived with Android Pie where it gave users the option to use gestures for common tasks such as opening the app drawer, switching between apps, and closing apps.

Gesture Navigation In Android Q

How does it work?

Android Q’s gesture navigation seems to borrow its core set of gestures from the iPhone. The biggest difference is that unlike the iPhone, there’s a bottom bar which consumes its own screen space — which is plainly annoying.

Anyway, on activating gestures in Android Q, the pill button disappears. Instead, the long, slim white colored bar appears at the bottom of the screen where you can swipe up to land on the home screen.

To navigate back to the previous screen while using apps or browsing on the internet, swipe opposite from the left or right edge of the screen.

For the multitasking view, you need to swipe up and drag across. Swiping across quickly lets you switch between apps and a swipe up from the home screen opens the app drawer.

Open Google Assistant with new gesture in Android Q

After turning on the gesture navigation in Android Q, phones that don’t have Pixel’s squeeze option seem to be in a fix on how to launch Google Assistant.

Turns out there is this hidden and really weird gesture to invoke Google Assistant in the latest Android. Swipe diagonally from the right or left bottom corner of the screen and hold until Assistant fires up.

If you don’t get it right the first time, try swiping exactly from the corner. It is this placement which is hard to perform every time accurately. I just hope that Google comes up with a more obvious and easy way to open Assistant on Android Q.

How to enable Gesture Navigation in Android Q?

Follow these steps to turn on gestures in Android Q:

◾ Open Settings app

◾ Navigate to System and tap on Gestures

enable Gesture Navigation in Android Q

◾ Then tap on System navigation
enable Gesture Navigation in Android Q-enable Gesture Navigation

◾ Toggle Fully Gestural Navigation option
Toggle Fully Gestural Navigation option

This will replace the navigation buttons with a long, thin line at the bottom of the screen.

Improvement in gestures from Android Pie

The quality of the animation has definitely improved over Android 9 Pie where moving around the system seemed a little bumpy. Now everything is smoother in Android Q — or at least that’s what it seems in a Pixel phone.

As discussed above, Google went ahead and lifted iPhones’ gestures. But it finally removed the back button, much to my relief. I know there are people who still love the back button, but for me, it simply defeats the purpose of gesture navigation in the phone.

Tectuner is a Technology Releated website. Tectuner is a about the science,technology.Blogger template, Android, computer, Online Earning, tips tricks

 5. Scroll down the list and either turn on or off access to your location.
      While this feels like a fairly straightforward process, there are a few third-party apps that could help with controlling location permission on your android devices. One of these apps is App Ops. You must note that this app will require you to root your device first. If you do not have a rooted device, then your best bet will be to go through your Android settings as explained above.

Tectuner is a Technology Releated website. Tectuner is a about the science,technology.Blogger template, Android, computer, Online Earning, tips tricks

Latest Android tips tricks in English 2019

Latest Android tips tricks in English 2019

The world of smartphones is very interesting, most of the smartphones of today's smartphones use smartphones, people have become very smart now, much work, with the help of smartphones, sit at home and easily do it Are there. Many smartphone users use a number of tricks and move one step forward from the normal smartphone user. Today I will tell you about the Android Tips Tricks, with the help of which you can easily do a lot of work and become a smart user rather than a normal user.

Latest Android tips 

Today, we will know about Android's latest tips and tricks which are very cool, maybe you know some of these tricks but there are some other Android tips tricks that you probably do not know, so let's know Andrew About Tips and Tricks -

1. Use any app without installation

Whenever we have to download any Android application we use the Play Store. On the Play Store, you find many applications that are all different sizes, many applications are such that are of very large size. Normally we can use the application only after downloading the application from the Play Store, but if you want to see that application before downloading it then you can use the given Android tips tricks - Note - You can use this tip only in the latest Android version.

First of all, you have to update all Google applications (Google Play Service, Chrome, Google).

After this, you have to go to Google Settings on your smartphone.

After going to Google Settings, you will see the option of Instant Apps. You have to turn it on.

As soon as you turn on, there will be two options in front of you. NO THANKS and YES I'AM IN, you have to click YES IAM IN option.

Now if you download the application from the Play Store, you will also see the Try Now option along with the installation option.

2. Fingerprint scanner Trick 

Nowadays, in most of the 

smartphones, you get to see the Finger Print sensor, the fingerprint scanner is considered very secure for any smartphone. When we are at home, our siblings are forced to open the lock by touching the finger, or when we are sleeping, then touch the Finger quietly and even open the lock easily if something happens to you also You should use the tricks given below -

First of all, you have to download the application called Disable Fingerprint from the Play Store.

You have to allow all permissions.

Now you can easily turn off / disable fingerprint scanner with the help of this application.

After you disable, you can unlock your smartphone with the help of your phone's pattern lock or pin lock.

3.Screening pining

Next tips in Android tips tricks are related to screen pinning. Screen pinning feature is very useful in Android, but many features of this feature are not known to the user, due to which they can not use this feature. Many days people ask us for a reason for some reason and we have to give them this feature in such a time. "Suppose someone asks you for a phone to make a call, but many people start to call the gallery instead of making a call, so whenever you give someone a smartphone, pin the screen" Let's now know how to enable this feature. To do-

First of all, you have to go to the settings of your smartphone.

Now, select the security option.

After this, you will see a screen pin option, turn it on.

Now whenever you give someone a smartphone, open the application to the person in front.

Then, when you use the multitasking button, you will see the option to pin.

Now touch the pin icon.

After following the above tips, you will not be able to use the application other than the one you have pinned. To unpin the screen -

Touch the phone's back button and the task button for a few seconds.

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4. Get full info about the phone

Many times we need all the information about Android phones if you also want full information about an Android phone like - how long used which application to use, information about WiFi, about the phone If you want more information as well as much more information, then I am going to tell you a simple way with which you can easily get a complete explanation -

First, you have to open your phone's dial pad.

After that you have to type * # * # 4636 # * # *

After this, according to your smartphone, you will find many options like - phone information, battery information, usage statistics, wifi information, etc.

Now you can easily get information by clicking on the option.

5.Chrome search bar trick

Nowadays many smartphones have big sizes, and sometimes there is a need to use both hands when there is a search in the Chrome browser. Generally, Chrome's search bar is above the top of the search bar is below, then we can easily search with one hand only in large smartphones. Let's now know how to bring down the search bar in the Chrome browser -

Tectuner is a Technology Releated website. Tectuner is a about the science,technology.Blogger template, Android, computer, Online Earning, tips tricks

Android at security risk

Web giant Google has blocked security updates for older versions of the Android operating system. As a result, millions of Android device users have been at risk for security.

In a report, the BBC said that this change will affect almost 60 percent of Android OS users. Google has stopped issuing a security update for Android 4.3 or older.

This amazing move by Google has discovered some cybersecurity researchers. Independent cybersecurity researcher Rafa Belloch and security firm Rapid7's Tod Bredslie and Joe Venix talked to Google about a weakness of Android 4.3, when the company was informed about the closure of the update.

Only Android 4.4 KitKat and 5.0 Lollipop are working on security issues, Google says.

In this regard, Bredslie said in a blog post that 93 crores of Android phones will no longer receive Google's official security patches as a result of closing security updates. But the company has not yet stopped updating the multimedia player.

In this context, the Google spokesman has not agreed to comment, BBC said.
Tectuner is a Technology Releated website. Tectuner is a about the science,technology.Blogger template, Android, computer, Online Earning, tips tricks

Save Android phone storage! Learn tips

The internal storage of the phone is always less than necessary. But following some methods, you can easily save a lot of Android storage. Let's know about those ways.

1. Cache and Data Clear

Go to the phone's App Manager. Go there and select the App. Then delete its data and cache. It eliminates the old app choice, but many live zombies together. However, remember that with the use of the app the cache will increase and the data size will increase with the update.

2. Install the app on the SD card

Why always put pressure on the OS of the smartphone? Send some apps to the micro SD card. The place will also live and the smartphone will work faster.

3. Old download delete

Many times we forget to delete many files after downloading them. As a result, those files sit in place. So one day go to the Downloads folder. Select old unnecessary files and press Delete. You see, the phone will be light!

4. Google Photos

Photos in Google Photos can be backed up by not increasing the general gallery storage. Through this, you can view photos as well as edit them as well. Extra pay gallery storage will be reduced.

Tectuner is a Technology Releated website. Tectuner is a about the science,technology.Blogger template, Android, computer, Online Earning, tips tricks

Beware from Playstore Duplicate Apps
What do we do about buying a new phone? Go to the Play Store, get the apps or take the game with 'Share It'! But directly or manually to all friends of the Google Play Store is safe?

Search the play-store by entering the name of any one app. Google Play Store, Windows Store or iOS App Store - Wherever you are, there will be a lot of similar apps available to see nearby names. For example, you can see Viber, Viber Messenger, Viber Media etc. when you search by typing. So what to install?
Of course, that's just named Vera! In this case, there is another way to correctly mark the developer's name and reviews.

Why developer name?

You can think of the name of the developer you gain! Do not be unhappy, do not be harmed, do not worry about it. Many times, Rum / Rahim, popularly known as the various services, sits on the Namkwasta app. There are various safety risks including stealing information.

So see the developer's name below the app. Check Google or other search engines if necessary. Also, do not forget to check the name of the website of the organization.


Friend your partner in the path!

The best way to get to know about Play Store apps is 'Review'. Reviews are the comments and feedback from previous users about the app.

The install button is given a little below reviews, see what the person said! Also, you can see how many stars are available, fill some of them, you can also understand from here how popular the app is.

An app does not have a fixed number of exactly how much reviews are safe. However, in a general view, since no effective application is used only two, four or ten, this number is certainly much higher.

Be careful from the incognito mobile site

Occasionally, many websites show up in the Play Store by bringing more readers to their mobile version and app-forming it to increase the add-on view. Beware of these camouflage sites! Keep in mind that the app or app is the one that does your extra work, not just to show or teach.

Google Play Store is one of the most popular app stores, no doubt; But sometimes it's also a scary trap or online attack. So, all Android mobile users should be aware of this.

Also, keep in mind that many times when talking about special offers or advantages, you have to say 'Alau third-party apps' facility to install some apps. Do not respond to such a call.

The phone is a personal device, so it should protect the information and file security maintained with utmost care. To secure your Android phone, use mobile security and be safe ...
Tectuner is a Technology Releated website. Tectuner is a about the science,technology.Blogger template, Android, computer, Online Earning, tips tricks
 how to hide your own personal photo videos on Android phones

Many times there are some personal pictures that we do not want to show to everyone. So it is wise to hide these pictures. Because you do not want anyone to take your phone to see your personal picture.

However, if you have an Android phone, you can solve this problem very easily by using a small save app called keep safe. You can also video and side by side as well as video.

In addition to other apps that have locked folders, the advantage of this app is that this app does not require full folder lock, but instead you can hide the pictures by choosing the picture you like, so that you do not have to lock the entire picture folder.

Let's take a look at how to hide the picture with the keep safe app on the Android phone:

1)  Go to the Google Play store first and keep it safe by going to search the app will find it is completely free.

2) Download and install the app.

3) Now as soon as you open it, you will be asked to give a pin number. Now type any 5 digits you like, which you will be asked to access again.

Learn how to hide your own personal photo videos on Android phones!

4) Then a screen will appear where you will be asked to type your email address because if you forget your PIN number then it can be recovered through email.

5) Now after logging into the app, click on the cell to add the picture below, you will see all the photos, videos, and screenshots on your phone. Now select all the pictures that you want to hide in the photo and press the bottom button below.

6) Now, if you go to the gallery, you will not see your hidden pictures again.

How to re-open the hiding photo

1) Now if you want to re-open the hiding photo, open the pin with your pin number and show a folder of all the pictures hiding.

2) Now open the folder and click on the arrow below the picture will unhide.