Android at security risk

Android at security risk

Web giant Google has blocked security updates for older versions of the Android operating system. As a result, millions of Android device users have been at risk for security.

In a report, the BBC said that this change will affect almost 60 percent of Android OS users. Google has stopped issuing a security update for Android 4.3 or older.

This amazing move by Google has discovered some cybersecurity researchers. Independent cybersecurity researcher Rafa Belloch and security firm Rapid7's Tod Bredslie and Joe Venix talked to Google about a weakness of Android 4.3, when the company was informed about the closure of the update.

Only Android 4.4 KitKat and 5.0 Lollipop are working on security issues, Google says.

In this regard, Bredslie said in a blog post that 93 crores of Android phones will no longer receive Google's official security patches as a result of closing security updates. But the company has not yet stopped updating the multimedia player.

In this context, the Google spokesman has not agreed to comment, BBC said.