Beware from Playstore Duplicate Apps

Beware from Playstore Duplicate Apps
What do we do about buying a new phone? Go to the Play Store, get the apps or take the game with 'Share It'! But directly or manually to all friends of the Google Play Store is safe?

Search the play-store by entering the name of any one app. Google Play Store, Windows Store or iOS App Store - Wherever you are, there will be a lot of similar apps available to see nearby names. For example, you can see Viber, Viber Messenger, Viber Media etc. when you search by typing. So what to install?
Of course, that's just named Vera! In this case, there is another way to correctly mark the developer's name and reviews.

Why developer name?

You can think of the name of the developer you gain! Do not be unhappy, do not be harmed, do not worry about it. Many times, Rum / Rahim, popularly known as the various services, sits on the Namkwasta app. There are various safety risks including stealing information.

So see the developer's name below the app. Check Google or other search engines if necessary. Also, do not forget to check the name of the website of the organization.


Friend your partner in the path!

The best way to get to know about Play Store apps is 'Review'. Reviews are the comments and feedback from previous users about the app.

The install button is given a little below reviews, see what the person said! Also, you can see how many stars are available, fill some of them, you can also understand from here how popular the app is.

An app does not have a fixed number of exactly how much reviews are safe. However, in a general view, since no effective application is used only two, four or ten, this number is certainly much higher.

Be careful from the incognito mobile site

Occasionally, many websites show up in the Play Store by bringing more readers to their mobile version and app-forming it to increase the add-on view. Beware of these camouflage sites! Keep in mind that the app or app is the one that does your extra work, not just to show or teach.

Google Play Store is one of the most popular app stores, no doubt; But sometimes it's also a scary trap or online attack. So, all Android mobile users should be aware of this.

Also, keep in mind that many times when talking about special offers or advantages, you have to say 'Alau third-party apps' facility to install some apps. Do not respond to such a call.

The phone is a personal device, so it should protect the information and file security maintained with utmost care. To secure your Android phone, use mobile security and be safe ...