Learn How to hide your own personal photo videos on Android phones

 how to hide your own personal photo videos on Android phones

Many times there are some personal pictures that we do not want to show to everyone. So it is wise to hide these pictures. Because you do not want anyone to take your phone to see your personal picture.

However, if you have an Android phone, you can solve this problem very easily by using a small save app called keep safe. You can also video and side by side as well as video.

In addition to other apps that have locked folders, the advantage of this app is that this app does not require full folder lock, but instead you can hide the pictures by choosing the picture you like, so that you do not have to lock the entire picture folder.

Let's take a look at how to hide the picture with the keep safe app on the Android phone:

1)  Go to the Google Play store first and keep it safe by going to search the app will find it is completely free.

2) Download and install the app.

3) Now as soon as you open it, you will be asked to give a pin number. Now type any 5 digits you like, which you will be asked to access again.

Learn how to hide your own personal photo videos on Android phones!

4) Then a screen will appear where you will be asked to type your email address because if you forget your PIN number then it can be recovered through email.

5) Now after logging into the app, click on the cell to add the picture below, you will see all the photos, videos, and screenshots on your phone. Now select all the pictures that you want to hide in the photo and press the bottom button below.

6) Now, if you go to the gallery, you will not see your hidden pictures again.

How to re-open the hiding photo

1) Now if you want to re-open the hiding photo, open the pin with your pin number and show a folder of all the pictures hiding.

2) Now open the folder and click on the arrow below the picture will unhide.