Latest Android tips tricks in English 2019

Latest Android tips tricks in English 2019

Latest Android tips tricks in English 2019

The world of smartphones is very interesting, most of the smartphones of today's smartphones use smartphones, people have become very smart now, much work, with the help of smartphones, sit at home and easily do it Are there. Many smartphone users use a number of tricks and move one step forward from the normal smartphone user. Today I will tell you about the Android Tips Tricks, with the help of which you can easily do a lot of work and become a smart user rather than a normal user.

Latest Android tips 

Today, we will know about Android's latest tips and tricks which are very cool, maybe you know some of these tricks but there are some other Android tips tricks that you probably do not know, so let's know Andrew About Tips and Tricks -

1. Use any app without installation

Whenever we have to download any Android application we use the Play Store. On the Play Store, you find many applications that are all different sizes, many applications are such that are of very large size. Normally we can use the application only after downloading the application from the Play Store, but if you want to see that application before downloading it then you can use the given Android tips tricks - Note - You can use this tip only in the latest Android version.

First of all, you have to update all Google applications (Google Play Service, Chrome, Google).

After this, you have to go to Google Settings on your smartphone.

After going to Google Settings, you will see the option of Instant Apps. You have to turn it on.

As soon as you turn on, there will be two options in front of you. NO THANKS and YES I'AM IN, you have to click YES IAM IN option.

Now if you download the application from the Play Store, you will also see the Try Now option along with the installation option.

2. Fingerprint scanner Trick 

Nowadays, in most of the 

smartphones, you get to see the Finger Print sensor, the fingerprint scanner is considered very secure for any smartphone. When we are at home, our siblings are forced to open the lock by touching the finger, or when we are sleeping, then touch the Finger quietly and even open the lock easily if something happens to you also You should use the tricks given below -

First of all, you have to download the application called Disable Fingerprint from the Play Store.

You have to allow all permissions.

Now you can easily turn off / disable fingerprint scanner with the help of this application.

After you disable, you can unlock your smartphone with the help of your phone's pattern lock or pin lock.

3.Screening pining

Next tips in Android tips tricks are related to screen pinning. Screen pinning feature is very useful in Android, but many features of this feature are not known to the user, due to which they can not use this feature. Many days people ask us for a reason for some reason and we have to give them this feature in such a time. "Suppose someone asks you for a phone to make a call, but many people start to call the gallery instead of making a call, so whenever you give someone a smartphone, pin the screen" Let's now know how to enable this feature. To do-

First of all, you have to go to the settings of your smartphone.

Now, select the security option.

After this, you will see a screen pin option, turn it on.

Now whenever you give someone a smartphone, open the application to the person in front.

Then, when you use the multitasking button, you will see the option to pin.

Now touch the pin icon.

After following the above tips, you will not be able to use the application other than the one you have pinned. To unpin the screen -

Touch the phone's back button and the task button for a few seconds.

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4. Get full info about the phone

Many times we need all the information about Android phones if you also want full information about an Android phone like - how long used which application to use, information about WiFi, about the phone If you want more information as well as much more information, then I am going to tell you a simple way with which you can easily get a complete explanation -

First, you have to open your phone's dial pad.

After that you have to type * # * # 4636 # * # *

After this, according to your smartphone, you will find many options like - phone information, battery information, usage statistics, wifi information, etc.

Now you can easily get information by clicking on the option.

5.Chrome search bar trick

Nowadays many smartphones have big sizes, and sometimes there is a need to use both hands when there is a search in the Chrome browser. Generally, Chrome's search bar is above the top of the search bar is below, then we can easily search with one hand only in large smartphones. Let's now know how to bring down the search bar in the Chrome browser -