Your secret data leaked to Facebook? Find out easily!

Your secret data leaked to Facebook

Your secret data leaked to Facebook? Find out easily!

In the world of technology, discussion and criticism all over the world are about data security on Facebook. A British political consultant named Cambridge Analyst, which accused US President Donald Trump of promoting Facebook during the election was accused of misusing Facebook information against the firm.

Cambridge Unity, which collects the personal confidential information of the site's users with the scope of Facebook's weak security system, has influenced the people of the United States during the election, which has played a role in the election results.

After the incident at the Cambridge Analyst, everyone around the world makes a finger towards Facebook. Facebook's share price also drops to a great extent. At one point, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged his weakness/failure/responsibility.

On April 9, 018, all users of Facebook will receive a new link from their respective Facebook homepage (Newsfeed), which can be known to anyone whose information has been leaked to Facebook. Facebook's total of 220 million users will see a notice in their Facebook feed, where the first will be 'Protecting Your Information'. There will be a link/button after the initial few conversations where you have to click on another page. There you can see which apps you use through Facebook, and some of your information is shared with those apps. Then you can delete the third-party app from Facebook.

According to Facebook's claim, due to the Cambridge Analyte, personal data of 8.7 million users have been lost, out of which 7 billion are American. However, to reduce the risk of leakage of personalized private information from Facebook through other apps, everyone should be sure to check the notice made in the Facebook Feed. On 9th April, notice will be issued to all Facebook users on the Facebook homepage. So keep an eye out, and try to stay safe!

And now Facebook has taken a new initiative by which users will know whether their hidden personal information has been intercepted by any other party from Facebook.

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