Some useful tips for keeping tablets and smartphones good

Users may have a big problem with the use of smartphones. So users need to be careful beforehand. In a report of the Times of India, some cautionary measures were suggested in this regard. The readers are highlighted-
1. Keep the smartphones and tablet chargers separate. Do not use smartphones and tabs with chargers. Because there may be differences in power ratings. Your product will be gradually lost in excess of current flow. Do not charge smartphones all night long.

2. Do not keep mobile phones or tabs with night chargers. The phone gets hot over and the phone's battery is damaged. Charging while awake.

3. Check when your phone or tab's battery needs to be changed. If you can not keep a long charge on your mobile or tab, then quickly change the battery. To test the battery, open it from the phone or tab and turn it into a flat place. Change the battery if you have to rotate the battery freely. Because the battery has swollen.

4. Avoid using the batteries which are unknown brands. This may cause damage to your device. There is no way to test whether the unremarkable brand's batteries have been approved by the Standard Safe Regulation.

5. Refrain from calling or receiving calls while charging on phones. Because the phone is hot. You can use the Wireless Headset. Or open from the phone charge but use it.

6. Do not hang or hang on the phone while charging. This can damage your phone's power connector.