TV can be folded. Thin, flexible, like paper

The TV panel will be thin, flexible like paper. This TV made of LG can be kept folded. Recently the new two models have announced the release of the TV technology maker.

LG claims that flexible screens will be able to show high-resolution photos but it will be thin like paper. The BBC reported on a news. The 60-inch ultra-HD TV can be made by 2017, according to LG. In January this year, the company had shown a flexible TV show at the CES Fair held in Las Vegas, USA.

The researchers claim that the more creative use of the TV when the flexible screen TV market is available. The flexibility of this TV will be 1200 by 810 Even though this TV is folded in a 3 cm cylinder, there will be no rejuvenation of the resolution.
LG said the polymoid film was used instead of plastic to create flexible screens. The second panel made by LG is transparent. It includes LG's Transparent Pixel Design Technology, which will get rid of the hassle of seeing blurry or obscure images.

Technology-analysts say that this flexible TV has many interesting aspects. One of them is, the flexible TV screen will be durable than the traditional TV screen. Apart from this, we can use a bigger advanced screen if necessary. This type of flexible screen is available to create new types of products like tablet computers or to wear wearable technology. By 2017, flexible TVs may not be in the hands of the public at the moment when it comes to the market.