Neurons technology is now on the smartphone

Researchers have created a new memory device that uses smartphones or smartwatch technology. Inspired by the brain's nerves, South Korea researchers have created this memory chip.

Researchers say that the performance of this memory device is reliable. It can keep the long memory and it will be more durable.

Due to its high elasticity and flexibility, the next generation of electronic products can be used as a promising tool.

Neurons are the constructive and functional unit of the nervous system. The brain is made up of billions of nerves (neurons). Inspired by human neurons, researchers from South Korea's Basic Science Institute have created 'Two-Terminal Tunneling Random Access Memory' (TRAM). Two electrodes work as two neurons.

"You can usually use three-terminal flash memory on a digital camera or mobile phone, but the use of two terminals or teams is that it does not require a thick oxide layer, although the flash memory is more reliable and efficient trams," Yum Jong said. Flexible and can be easy to scale.

Researchers say that in the future, flexible and easy-up smartphones can be used to make trimm. In addition to this, this tool can be used in the eye camera, the glove used for treatment, biomedical devices.