Mouse tips

Everyone usually knows about the work of the mouse. But there are additional strategies to use it. If you know which can be very easy to save a lot of time. In this tutorial, some of the unknown trips are shown using your mouse. Knowing these can be done in a fast and short time.

Quickly going down the web page:
While scrolling down or down the Shift key while browsing the Internet, it can be quickly moved to the top or bottom of the page.

Pressing Ctrl key scrolls up or down and zooms to the webpage/page and can be minimized.

Managed open windows:
You can maximize or resize the window by double-clicking the title bar of an open window.

In addition to double-clicking the logo on the top left of the opened window, the window will be closed.

Double-click and triple-click selected:
Double-click on any word to select the word. To select the whole paragraph again, click on the triple-click or three-click in any part of the paragraph or paragraph.

Mouse Side Button Usage:
Technology shuts off technology with the mouse. Most of the mouse currently has side buttons. These buttons can be used for programming in the best interests of themselves. Generally, the default left thumb button is added to it.

Shift button and mouse click:
Most Word processing programs or text editors can highlight or select entire or partial text through shift keys and mouse clicks.

While typing the cursor at the beginning of any one paragraph, then pressing the Shift key will click on the end of the paragraph. Then the whole para ti will be selected.

But in the same column to select the text, hold down the Alt key and select the desired part by dragging it.

Scroll wheel usage:
Currently, there is most mouse scroll wheel. Through this, you can go down on any page.

In addition to this, the wheel can be used for more work. This mouse is not just a wheel but also works as a button.

It can be used as a third mouse button. Clicking any link through this wheel will open it in a new tab. Again on any tab, click the mouse wheel and then close the tab.