3 screen display! Really possible ?


Mobile phones usually have a display on one side. Have you ever wondered if this phone is displayed on three sides, how will it be? Why is Samsung behind or behind this changing world? If he comes with a flashing feature, the 3-D, smartphone? How would it be? With a device that will write today, I am waiting for excitement!

Yes, this kind of phone is now working on the Samsung mobile phone manufacturer Samsung, According to a Korean software supplier, a technology website senate said that the phone can reach the market within this year. Samsung announces the second quarter earnings of Samsung, the vice-president of Samsung Mobile Vice President Hun. Kim. He said the new two smartphones and new wearable technologies are available in the market. He said that one of the two smartphones will have a bigger screen display, the other will have a new type of material structure and display. The new two smartphones will come to the market at the end of the year. High-end smartphones will surprise customers as the new product of two innovative features. It has a large display.

Market analysts say that Hun-June Kim did not disclose details about the three-dimensional smartphone. But Samsung has started working on creating specially designed phones. This display has been made using the special type of plastic material.

I do not know the rest, but I am the fan of this phone! Hopefully, this innovative invention of Samsung will give a new dimension to the future. But such invention is a type of risk. The consequences of the reversal cannot be blown away! let's see what happen!  Samsung!