Relay Robot is offering room service at the hotel


Robots already played an important role in various workstations in developed countries. Savoyok Company recently invested 15 million dollars in relay robots. This robot will serve the guests. According to the guests' needs, the relay robot will reach the hotel's guestroom, towels, toothpaste, and caffeine equipment.

According to the Los Angeles Times, there are 12 relay robots in Sveioc's hotels in various US hotels. However, the company has kept its expansion in mind.

When a guest wants an extra towel or equipment, the hotel staff will puncture room numbers with necessary equipment within a three feet height robot. Wireless robots will reach a certain point in the elevator.

Until reaching the guest room, Roba will be run via WiFi and 3D cameras. When the robot is standing in front of the guest room, the call will be left in the guest room. At the end of the work, robots returned to the right place.

Savvyok said, their primary goal is to use the robot in the guest room. Later, they would increase robots in other activities.

Relay Robot has served more than 11,000 guests in 2015. Now they are giving Starbucks coffee. The company said.