some tips to speed up your computer


Many times our computer works very slow. And it seems very annoying. But there are some tips for removing this annoyance. I'm kidding, or I do not have fun. So, why do I say tips to overcome the annoyance? That's probably thinking. If your slow computer can be a little fast then what Hope you will not be relieved? Hopefully. Now let's know some tips for increasing the speed of the computer.

1. After some time click Run from Run and type the tree. It increases the RAM performance.

2. Open the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete or right-clicking on the taskbar and then clicking on Processes. You will see a list of those programs. Select programs that are not currently using and click End Process and close it. Restart your computer, if it is a problem, and if there is any problem with the operating system.

3. The computer becomes slow when computers are low. By increasing virtual memory, the computer speed can be increased slightly. To increase the virtual memory, first, go to My Computer by clicking on the right button and going to Properties. Now click on Advanced and click on Performance Settings. Click on Advance again. Now by clicking on change, when new window arrives, enter the initial size and maximum size of your size and click on set and press ok. But initial size is twice the size of your computer's Rare size and it's better to give the round-shaped four-magnificent size.

4. Go to Control Panel. Click Add or Remove. Click Add / Remove windows components. Uncheck the programs that are available from the left side of the new window. Then select Accessories and Utilities and click Details. Uncheck the programs that are not useful to you from the new window, and click OK. Now click on Next. Successful, In fact, click Finish.
Find out some tips to speed up your computer