Since 2035, humans are starting to live in Mars

Space researcher NASA said people could live up to Mars in the year 2035. However, in this case, the need of the world is needed, the organization said. News Daily Mail

NASA's chief scientist said. Allen Stofen said that within the next two decades, it will be possible to complete all the activities including the construction of houses for people living on the red planet. After several rounds of discussions in the UK, he said this.

He said NASA has made great progress in past years about sending people to Mars. Among them, Mars is a transportable rocket and Orion capsule is one of the major.

NASA's primary goal is to ensure the existence of humans on Mars. Stoofen He said that NASA technology is ready for this.

The target for people living on the planet in 2035 has been set. He also said that the cooperation needs of other countries and agencies in the world to achieve this goal.

In the past, a private organization has said that by 2025, they would sell human habitat land in Mars.

Earlier, NASA expressed hope for people on Mars several times. However, the organism could not be found on the planet, but the planet has not yet found any organism on the planet. Even life-saving ingredients were not found.