Scientists think the new Moon on Saturn

NASA's space station 'Casini' detected the presence of a frozen object in the orbit of Saturn. NASA scientists believe it is the new moon of Saturn. Concepts can be found about the process of Saturn's evolution from this new moon. While taking photographs of Saturn Planet orbital at the Cassini's camera, there is an obstacle in the form of relatively bright balls.

This circle is 20 percent more bright than its surroundings and 750 miles long and 6 miles wide. Scientists are convinced that the results of these gleaming circles and the effects of gravitational force on the other orbital spheres. They also have more idea that it will not grow anymore and at some point, it will be disconnected.

 Karl Murray of Queen Mary University, hostel of London, said, "We have not seen this before. We may have tried to learn only its origins where it is gradually deviating from the orbit and forms the Moon.

This object was named by the inventors 'Peggy'. It looks too small to look at the picture. Its diameter is about 1 kilometer. The pair is very far from Saturn's planet. Saturn's other lunar origin is fractured and is composed of all particles that contain particles of Saturn orbital. Considering these features, researchers are assuming that it will disappear once more like Saturn's other moons.

Lisa Spikler, a researcher at the Kasini Project, said that seeing the emergence of a new and small moon was unexpected and exciting. Researchers believe the spacecraft can fly closer to the new moon in 2016. As a result, more details about Peggy can be known.

According to Moore, this discovery is theoretically that it was understood that Shani had many large orbits long before that was able to give birth to the moon. Since Peggy is at the shores of Saturn, it refers to the end of the orbit of this planet. So Peghei is the largest and the distant moon on Saturn.
Casini Huaijen Mission is a joint venture of European Space Committee and Italian Space Committee.