There are 11 misconceptions about hacking that we need to know.

There are 11 misconceptions about hacking that we need to know.

1. Although the word hacking is associated with "unauthorized access", its true meaning is not bad at all. The hack is just computer-related but we can use the word on almost anything in the world. Such as food hacks, dress hacks, lifestyle hacks. Hacking means removing a weak part of a topic or improving it to better understand a topic or make it easier. It can also be used to do so.

2. Hacking is a skill-based topic. You can never explore it unless you have a good knowledge of computers. Although many books or video lessons claim that they can be hackers by taking these lessons, that is a lot wrong. To understand how all these techniques work, you need to know what is and what is in it.

3. Hacking words sounds very bad. It seems these criminals do. But this is wrong. Hacking is the subject of a computer that can be researched as it is read. In large companies, there are a lot of hackers. They help keep the company system active and protect it from other hackers.

4. Hacker doesn't mean anything bad. Hackers are basically divided into two. A black hat is known as Criminal Hacker. They do all kinds of harmful and nasty things. Another White Hat hacker. They are known as Ethical Hackers. Different companies put themselves in charge of their system security. No one else can harm their system.

5. There is no software in the world that can hack a social account direct. Many of your software on the Internet that claims that you can access the account without giving some useful information. It is absolutely wrong. This software contains malware. When you install this software. Then that malware will infiltrate into your PC without your knowledge. This means that if you hack someone's account, your account can be hacked. So stay away from all these.

6. Hollywood movie hacker. Many people who have seen Hollywood hacking movies think hacking is really that way. It's totally wrong. Hacking is a time-consuming and skill dependent job. So the process of showing a movie is wrong in many respects and which is incompatible with reality. They are done with 3D graphics and visual effects. It cannot be done so quickly and easily.

7. Can't access Facebook or other social account or blocked account for any reason. Many people think their account has been hacked. They also post that their account has been hacked. But what exactly is it? Most often it is seen that strangers are blocked by posting a friend request or some obscene account for a few days. It may be difficult to access the account even if it is not opened. There is nothing to say that the account has been hacked.

8. To learn computer hacks, you need to first become proficient in computer matters. I need to know how computers work, ideas about networking, programming languages ​​and web development.

9. A hacker is used in the field of computing for anyone who is very skilled at the computer and who can exploit system or machine vulnerability to develop access or system security.

10. Hacked is not an illegal act. Those who are called Ethical Hackers for developing system security or protecting the system from other hackers. But if you hack into something unintentional or harmful, it's called a non-ethical hacker.

11. "Hacking can never be learned through mobile. Remember that you need a computer to work"