That is how WhatsApp is hacked

That is how WhatsApp is hacked

People in the cyber world use specialized software to monitor WhatsApp. One such software is called Pegasus. WhatsApp can be monitored using software developed by the NSO group in Israel. Over two dozen academics, lawyers, journalists, and politicians have been monitored using Pegasus software in the last Lok Sabha elections in India. WhatsApp authorities have confirmed the matter.

According to some Indian media, Israeli software was used to monitor WhatsApp information before the last election. NSO Group has developed Pegasus software for cyber espionage or surveillance. However, it is not known exactly how many people are being monitored with this software. WhatsApp notifies users of surveillance on their device.

WhatsApp was contacted by the Times of India but did not give any formal statement on the issue.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp sued the Israeli company in the United States. WhatsApp surveillance information was reported the next day. In the lawsuit, WhatsApp alleges that the Israeli company monitored 7,000 people around the world using Pegasus spyware.

The lawsuit alleges that Facebook seized information about smartphones operating on iOS, Android and Blackberry operating systems with Pegasus software. WhatsApp VoIP stack error code can be deployed remotely on the device.

Pegasus is software developed by NSO Group in Israel

According to a BBC Online report, Fustin Rukundu, who was recently deported to Leeds, England from Rwanda, complained about his WhatsApp hacked. He said he got a call from WhatsApp from a stranger. When he grabs the call, it is left without anyone to speak. Unbeknownst to him, his phone gets hacked and he removes the files. Missed calls started coming from strangers on her phone. He bought a new phone for fear of family safety. A few days later, there were calls from strangers.

Fostin alleges that many other anti-Rwandan governments have received calls from strangers

He got to know. Last May, he learned that WhatsApp had been hacked.

In May this year, WhatsApp admitted to having errors. In August, WhatsApp errors also came up. At that time, the BBC said, what you said or did not write on WhatsApp could show. If wanted, the rogue can change the WhatsApp message using special programs. The WhatsApp platform has recently opened a tool for changing user messages. Experts say that Facebook-owned WhatsApp has a fatal flaw that can be used to change a user's words or words.

Researchers at Checkpoint, a cybersecurity firm, claim that they learned about WhatsApp errors as well as tools or programs for replacing messages sent to WhatsApp. WhatsApp error can be used to spread fake news or cheat.

How does Pegasus come to WhatsApp?

 Experts say that Pegasus can be downloaded even with a little video missed call on WhatsApp. Pegasus installed after the video call can take full control of the entire smartphone, including its contact list. Everything happens without the user being aware of it. From this messaging app, cyber experts can find out information including video calls, messages, and messages.

NSO Group claims that they sell their software only to various government agencies. However, the software is not created or endorsed to monitor human rights activists or journalists.