Your face will be Gmail and Facebook's password

Your face will be Gmail and Facebook's password

Today, there is everything on the Internet, whether shopping or banking or having to mail someone or chat with friends on Facebook, 

there are many such websites and many more passwords along with them. 

Creating a strong password requires that no person misuse your personal information. 

But making a good password and remembering it is also not easy, as the number of such sites is increasing and our Internet account is also going to be prepared to deal with this problem of the password in the future.

This technique is called face recognition technology, by which it is identified as your face recognition and its password is made,

Password is used in a biometric password so that no other person can hack it. 

You were still using the face as a password on your computer and on the mobile phone,

but now you will be able to use this technology soon for Facebook, Gmail or Internet banking. The Intel Security Group is working on the Turkey application and it will soon be between us.