Computer Cleaning Tips in English

Whether there is a home, office or school computer all over the place and also those who work on it, but have you noticed computer cleaning, if you do not pay attention to the cleanliness of your computer, then you reduce his life The dust that is deposited on its chip and board can cause great damage to it. Here are some tips for computer cleaning

Computer Cleaning Tips in English, Computer Cleaning,Cleaning Tips

Computer Cleaning Tips in English

➤ Turn off the computer before cleaning.

➤ Use a spray like Colleen to clean the computer's outer cleanness, do not use water anytime, water can spoil your old computer.

➤ Dust is damaging to it, for that you use a vacuum cleaner, if there is no vacuum cleaner, then use the air blower, air blower comes from 300 to 1000 bucks, but your gadgets are clean and clean. Keeps secure.

➤ Apart from this, there is another gadget that does not clean the electricity, it is compressed air can also be used in any place where there is no electrical system.

➤ The dust in the computer is very fine, so before covering it, cover your mouth with a cloth properly for your safety.

➤ Use cotton clothes to clean the computer cabinet from the outside.

➤ Clear the dust on the SMPS fan and CPU fan, its fan can be jammed due to dust frozen, many computers have a problem of the sudden shutdown, it is also caused by SMPS fan and CPU fan jam...