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Whether there is a home, office or school computer all over the place and also those who work on it, but have you noticed computer cleaning, if you do not pay attention to the cleanliness of your computer, then you reduce his life The dust that is deposited on its chip and board can cause great damage to it. Here are some tips for computer cleaning

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Computer Cleaning Tips in English

➤ Turn off the computer before cleaning.

➤ Use a spray like Colleen to clean the computer's outer cleanness, do not use water anytime, water can spoil your old computer.

➤ Dust is damaging to it, for that you use a vacuum cleaner, if there is no vacuum cleaner, then use the air blower, air blower comes from 300 to 1000 bucks, but your gadgets are clean and clean. Keeps secure.

➤ Apart from this, there is another gadget that does not clean the electricity, it is compressed air can also be used in any place where there is no electrical system.

➤ The dust in the computer is very fine, so before covering it, cover your mouth with a cloth properly for your safety.

➤ Use cotton clothes to clean the computer cabinet from the outside.

➤ Clear the dust on the SMPS fan and CPU fan, its fan can be jammed due to dust frozen, many computers have a problem of the sudden shutdown, it is also caused by SMPS fan and CPU fan jam...
Tectuner is a Technology Releated website. Tectuner is a about the science,technology.Blogger template, Android, computer, Online Earning, tips tricks

Laptops have many advantages, first you can use it anywhere, and secondly, it does not have to keep up with heavy PCs like computers. Therefore laptops are also expensive than a computer and they have good maintenance too. If seen, its battery life with other hardware in laptops also matters a lot. If your laptop does not back up properly, then it is nothing more than an all-in-one computer. If you adopt a few simple tips, you can increase your laptop's battery life and make a good backup too -

Increase Your Laptop Battery Life, Laptop Battery,  Laptop Battery Life

➤ You must always lock the laptop, the charging current laptop will take longer and it will also be hot.

➤ If you use a laptop on a quilt in a bed or winter season, then it can be very harmful. This can cause the laptop to be heated because its ventilation pins stop from putting on the quilt.

➤ Laptop battery is the main part of it, so it is important to take care of it, note that Power Battery is good for the laptop's battery, and always choose Power Plan for yourself, to open the Power Plan, open your Control Panel and select Power Option Go on, you can choose your Convenient Power Plan from here.

➤ Do not allow Battery to be completely discharged anytime, this can damage your Battery quickly.

➤ Take special care of laptop charger, if you have problems with this voltage, then use the stabilizer. Use the Genuine Charger only if the charger is bad. Local Charger also has the possibility of damaging the battery and damaging the laptop.

➤ Keep the laptop's brightness low, this will keep your eyes safe and laptop battery too.

➤ Turn on WiFi and Bluetooth connections only when needed, and turn it off at the end of the day, so there is unnecessary battery cost.

➤ If the battery is too old, change it, otherwise, it may also affect your other hardware.
Tectuner is a Technology Releated website. Tectuner is a about the science,technology.Blogger template, Android, computer, Online Earning, tips tricks
Increase the speed of the computer,speed of the computer,computer,speed

Whether you buy a good computer or even the latest operating system, but the speed of the system is still slow and can not understand the reason? So listen, as the new house cannot be cleaned once and cleaned forever, it has to be cleaned every day. In the same way, the computer should be kept clean. There are two types of computer cleaning, the software, and the hardware but how it will be, let's know -

Hardware tips

➤ You know that dust is the worst enemy of the computer, dust accumulates on your chip and IC, so that it does not stay cold and your computer speed decreases.

➤ There is a need to pay special attention to the cleaning of the processor fan, dust also stops it or it slows down the speed too. If the situation is much worse then immediately change the new processor fan.

➤ Keyboard dust gets damaged quickly on the keyboard, or its buttons get jammed.

➤ Your DVD Rom may also be able to access the dust disservice, causing dust to the lens on its lens may worsen or DVD Rom can be jammed.

➤ For this, you should clean it once a month with blower cleaning once a month.

Software tips

➤ If the computer hangs repeatedly, then use disk fragmentation. Defragmentation will organize all the files on your computer.

➤ If you have installed unnecessary applications, which you do not use anytime, then uninstall them.

➤ Before installing a new operating system in the system, be sure that your system meets all the hardware requirements or system requirements of the new operating system. If your hardware does not support new windows or applications, then the speed of your new computer can also be very slow.

➤ If you have not installed drivers for motherboard/hardware then install them as well. Without this, the system does not work on its full speed.

➤ The virus can also be the main reason for reducing the speed of your computer, remember that when you last time your system was scanned with an anti-virus, otherwise, right now. Many viruses are hidden in your computer hard disk, which you do not even know, due to which there are many problems during working on the computer.
Tectuner is a Technology Releated website. Tectuner is a about the science,technology.Blogger template, Android, computer, Online Earning, tips tricks
Useful Computer Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Computers have become the need of today, whatever the intuition users are reading this post at the moment, they must be using the computer and using the computer as per their need. But due to the overwork and busyness of the work, we forget to maintain the computer. If you want to keep your computer and device safe for a long time, then you have to take care of some things, for this, it would be great if one day schedule is made in the month -

Hardware maintenance and safety

The main part of the hardware computer is the outer part, for this, it is also necessary to maintain

➤ Keyboard - As you know, the keyboards are used for typewriting, do not keep a glass of water or tea/coffee of any kind or any type of fluid while working, if by mistake it is also If the key falls on the keyboard, then it can be salty. Apart from this, the dust-dirt is bad and the board gets spoiled, the dust gets jammed due to the dust, so keep the brush clean from time to time.

➤ LED - Do not use water to clean the LED or monitor, for this, use the chemicals to clean the equipment, the water can be harmful to it.

➤ DVD Writer - Do not even copy or paste scratch CDs and DVDs in DVD Writer.

➤ CPU - Use blower for cleaning CPU, first shutting down the supply completely, after clearing the lid, clean the blower with air, this will remove all the CPU from the CPU, keep in mind that no strings or cables lose. Got engaged

➤ UPS - Often, some users attach laser printers directly to their UPS and when the light goes, the laser printer is loaded directly on the UPS, so that you can be UPS Kharab, so do not do this.

Printer maintenance and safety

The printer is an output device, but in reality, it is a pen of our imagination, with which ink you can print black or colored on white paper and that too in a few seconds, but did you get this huge amount Thinking about the maintenance of this printer.

Operating system maintenance and safety

The operating system acts as a bridge between users and hardware, due to this you can easily run your computer and do the desired work, at the time of Azad you know the popular operating system, in the name of Windows 7, Its safety and maintenance are also very important -

➤ First, use a good password, so that you cannot tamper with your computer.
So, put a password on your computer.

➤ If you want to get good performance, do not apply the non-essential Software, only use Software for work.

➤ If you use the Internet, put a good Anti-Virus on the laptop so that it can be safe from the Virus. If you do professional work, do not enter Free Anti-Virus, it does not work well.

➤ From time to time, keep updating Windows.

➤ Avoid shutting down the computer directly when you go light, shutdown or use hibernate to save time.