Crocs Rancher Boots? 'Don't Overthink It.'

The organization sure didn't when it was fostering its freak rancher boots, the brand's most recent endeavor to make a wearable image.


John Wayne never longed for this sort of ventilation.

A couple of rancher boots was disclosed on Thursday by Crocs, the footwear brand most popular for tastefully problematic stops up that consolidate the piece of a pool noodle with the hole of Swiss cheddar.

The new boots make standard Crocs seem to be dress shoes. Picture a couple of the obstructs delivered in a lustrous, dark crocodile-skin surface. Then add the top portion of a Texas style boot, complete with pull lashes and cheesy weaving. Then add spikes.

"I did a smidgen of a twofold take," said Steve Natto, 25, a tennis shoe YouTuber in Philadelphia, when he saw the shoes on Instagram on Thursday.

That was undoubtedly the objective for Crocs, a brand that has pursued consideration and shock online through a progression of strange shoe discharges. There were the KFC chicken-scented Crocs in 2020 and the high-obeyed Crocs, made in a joint effort with Balenciaga, in 2021. Simply last month, the organization delivered chartreuse Shrek Crocs with ears.