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Allure blogger template:

Allure is a simple and beautiful blog template designed for people who wish to start blogging and showcase the most fascinating content. Allure has all of the most common elements to aid you with your narrative.

Layout That Is Responsive

It features a responsive design, which means that the content of your website will instantly adapt to the size of the screen on which your user is seeing it.

All monitor screens are supported, including desktop, tablet, and mobile. For a live view, see the Demo.

Slider with premium features

It comes with a premium featured slider that shows your featured post image in an auto scrolling slider. There are numerous ways to customize the slider's appearance and style with only a few tweaks. So go with whatever you think would work best for your blog.

There are four different types of post format support.

Allure offers four different post formats, allowing you to present your information in the most optimal and elegant way possible.

Grid-based gallery with lightbox functionality to showcase your blog photos in a popup that will display all of the images in a slider. It will automatically adjust to its space regardless of the width and height of your photos.

Post format for the Slider Gallery: This is a brand-new blogger template feature. Grid Gallery will only work if you have at least 5 photos in your post; else, it will work. Amazing Isn't that so? So, if you include a lot of photos in your blog post, the images will be shown in a slider on the homepage.

Allure enables you to embed videos from your favorite sites like as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Soundcloud, among others.

Picture Post Format: A single image post in the standard format.

Smooth Scrolling Allure supports smooth scrolling, allowing you to provide your users a fantastic reading experience.

Dropdown Menu That Is Responsive

It comes with a Responsive dropdown navigation menu that you can update and customize to fit your needs.

Widget for Instagram

It comes with a custom Instagram widget, so you won't have to rely on a third-party software like Snapwidget.

This functionality can be turned off at any time.

Widget Area for 4 Column Footer

It comes with a four-column footer widget section where you can put your blogger widgets.

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