Please Read Before You LIKE On Any social media Post

The best way to reach your point of the society is to put it on the social networking site, by which thousands of social media users unknowingly share, like and comment, spread it all around, but did you think of its loss? If not, then read it-

Please Read Before You LIKE On Any social media Post, social media, LIKE

It is not that it is wrong to like or share anything on social media or to comment on a post, but which post you are liking or sharing or on which type of posting are you commenting on or commenting on It's a matter of thinking. Some people post something to get the lyrics on the social media and do not think about what the others would be doing to it, knowingly Facebook users share that post, comment on it and do it.

Best Content to Post on Social Media

➤ Share the good things, which benefit others.

➤ Post content related to studies.

➤ You can also post information related to your business on social media, this is the best forum for business.

➤ You can keep your thoughts on any issue, but do not use abusive language.

➤ Share new information or technical information.

➤ Talk to friends and enjoy social media.

Please Read Before Post, Like, Share or Comment on social media

➤ Never post or comment on any post which contains a picture or video or any content that is objectionable,

➤ Remember anything before reading, commenting or commenting before reading it carefully.

➤ Remember when you comment or type on a post, its notification is also visible to your children.

➤ Never post such that a provocative, defamatory or malicious person's image

➤ Do not ever post a spoiled and rumored communal atmosphere and if you have such a post, never share it or comment on it.

➤ Some people make glossy or indecent remarks in the comment, so you can get trapped under the law. You can be punished under the IT Act by doing this.