It’s no secret that you can make your computer “sleep” to considerably save energy or battery on laptops. A battery-powered device can spend many days in standby mode. The power draw in this state is incredibly low. You can wake your computer at any time by pressing the power button or a key on your keyboard. But what if you want it to automatically wake up at a certain time? This can help you automate certain tasks – for example, to download something at 4AM when Internet speed may be much higher. With a bit of command-line magic, you can schedule your device to wake up, take some action and then go back to sleep again.Set Alarm to Automatically Power On Linux Computer

    sudo rtcwake -m mem -s 30

    sudo rtcwake -m off -s 60
    sudo rtcwake -m mem --date 09:00
sudo rtcwake -m mem --date +12hours -n

    at, to automate tasks that your computer can run after waking up. We might even explore that option in a future tutorial


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