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Multiple emails can be sent to Gmail as attachments

If it is said, adding one or more e-mails to one e-mail as an attachment to Gmail, it may seem quite a shock. This is because e-mails can usually cover different types of files or documents, not the entire e-mail. But it is now possible in Gmail.

To forward an e-mail to an inbox is usually a 'forward'. However, this should be done separately for each e-mail message. With the new Gmail feature, you can send one or more e-mails or even an entire 'conversion' to a new e-mail. In a blog post, Google reported the matter.

To do this, you need to start a new email first. Then select one or more e-mails and drag it directly to the new e-mail. E-mails added in this manner will be added as 'dot eml' file formats. The recipient will see this as a full email. The facility will be launching Gmail in various countries around the world from December 9.