Increase the speed of the computer

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Whether you buy a good computer or even the latest operating system, but the speed of the system is still slow and can not understand the reason? So listen, as the new house cannot be cleaned once and cleaned forever, it has to be cleaned every day. In the same way, the computer should be kept clean. There are two types of computer cleaning, the software, and the hardware but how it will be, let's know -

Hardware tips

➤ You know that dust is the worst enemy of the computer, dust accumulates on your chip and IC, so that it does not stay cold and your computer speed decreases.

➤ There is a need to pay special attention to the cleaning of the processor fan, dust also stops it or it slows down the speed too. If the situation is much worse then immediately change the new processor fan.

➤ Keyboard dust gets damaged quickly on the keyboard, or its buttons get jammed.

➤ Your DVD Rom may also be able to access the dust disservice, causing dust to the lens on its lens may worsen or DVD Rom can be jammed.

➤ For this, you should clean it once a month with blower cleaning once a month.

Software tips

➤ If the computer hangs repeatedly, then use disk fragmentation. Defragmentation will organize all the files on your computer.

➤ If you have installed unnecessary applications, which you do not use anytime, then uninstall them.

➤ Before installing a new operating system in the system, be sure that your system meets all the hardware requirements or system requirements of the new operating system. If your hardware does not support new windows or applications, then the speed of your new computer can also be very slow.

➤ If you have not installed drivers for motherboard/hardware then install them as well. Without this, the system does not work on its full speed.

➤ The virus can also be the main reason for reducing the speed of your computer, remember that when you last time your system was scanned with an anti-virus, otherwise, right now. Many viruses are hidden in your computer hard disk, which you do not even know, due to which there are many problems during working on the computer.